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Ten With Strangers Discography

Here is a complete list of TWS releases - from demo to full CD. How many do you have?

"Infectious" (Revised Version) - Release Date: Nov. 26th, 2004

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The full-on TWS experience with all five current members contributing. Two new songs, new lead guitar tracks, and improved mixes differentiate the revised version from the original "Infectious" release.

Track Listing: 1) Cavity 2) Slave 3) One More Chance 4) Overdose
5) Never Believe 6) Wreck 7) Five Past Two 8) Better Place
9) I'll Be The One 10) Fall Away

"Infectious" (Original Version) - Release Date: June 25th, 2004

The first TWS full-length release featured Shane, Jake, Mike, and Tiny.

Track Listing: 1) One More Chance 2) Slave 3) Wreck 4) Dying Young
5) Fall Away 6) Never Believe 7) I'll Be The One 8) A Better Place
9) Five Past Two 10) I Wanna 11) Never Believe (Stripped)

NOTE: We still have a limited supply of this CD left. If you are a fan of the songs that did not make the revised CD, or just want this version for your TWS collection, you can order one for $7.00 shipped. Please see payment details on the CD Ordering Page. Be sure specifiy that you want the ORIGINAL version of "Infectious."

Ten With Strangers 7-Song Demo EP - Release Date: August, 2003

The disc that triggered the TWS explosion onto 94.7 The Zone with "One More Chance." A transitional disc that began to show the TWS turn from pop-rock into a hard rock force to be reckoned with.

Track Listing: 1) Five Past Two 2) One More Chance 3) I'll Be The One
4) A Better Place 5) Hey Emily 6) I Wanna 7) Your Eternity

Ten With Strangers 5-Song Demo EP - Release Date: May, 2003

The first TWS CD to be offered for sale continued with Shane recording the drum tracks, but included live drummer at the time Doug Bistrow on the cover. Featured the first TWS track to receive radio play - "A Better Place" on 95.1 WIIL Rock.

Track Listing: 1) Five Past Two 2) One More Chance 3) I'll Be The One
4) A Better Place 5) Hey Emily 6) I Wanna 7) Your Eternity

Track Listing: 1) I'll Be The One 2) Hey Emily 3) I Wanna 4) A Better Place
5) Your Eternity

Ten With Strangers 4-Song Demo EP - Release Date: Februrary, 2003

Ultra-rare! Only 10 copies were produced specifically for entry into the 2003 Midwest Recording Academy (GRAMMY) Demo Contest in which TWS received honorable mention. Featured Shane handling both the lead vocals and drums. Jake has one copy, so there are nine more copies out there somewhere!

Track Listing: 1) Hey Emily 2) I Wanna 3) A Better Place 4) Your Eternity